Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. - Some Things I am Thankful For

Some things I am thankful for:
  • My Mom and Dad, who gave me life on purpose, brought me to the font of Baptism, raised me in the Catechism and knowledge of salvation, and made me unafraid of and accustomed to work.
  • My wife who, knowing my faults, married me anyway, and continues steadfastly with valor in sharing the forgiveness and grace of God to me, in whom my heart safely trusts.
  • My children, who avail themselves of the means of grace, continue in the repentance and faith of their Baptisms, and hand on the faith to my grandchildren.
  • My Pastor, who guards my soul against error and doubt; who faithfully and industriously preaches and teaches the Word, and frequently administers the sacraments; and who models Christian marriage and fatherhood.
  • My fellow congregants, who accept me in the equality of sin and the equality of salvation.
  • My country, by which God in his inscrutable wisdom has secured to me an easy life of peace and prosperity, insomuch that it perplexes me to consider the millions not similarly made at ease.
  • My employer and co-workers, with whom many hands make light work.
  • My neighbors here, who conduct themselves peaceably and in good order, who help one another in need, and who in their vocations and labors love one another.
  • My farm, the sign and medium of my stewardship.
Please join me in giving thanks to the Lord for all his benefits, especially for giving his Son into death for our salvation.

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