Saturday, December 17, 2016

Truck Stop Jewel -- Gloria (Reprise), David German (Conductor), Calvary Chancel Choir and Gloria Cast with Symphony Orchestra (Performer)

I like truck stops, the real ones, for real truckers. They have stuff, different stuff, stuff you don't see everywhere.

During Advent, they have cheapo Christmas CDs. I have bought dozens and dozens of them for two dollars and less over the years. Many of them are junk, but some are junque (note spelling to indicate better junk), and some are jewels.

Here I feature the reprise of the overture from one of my truck stop jewels. David German conducts the Calvary Chancel Choir and Gloria Cast with Symphony Orchestra. This is track 17 from Mistletoe Music's CD, ASIN: B0002YFU0Y.

If you don't see the audio player below this line, your browser does not support it. Click here.

You can get this truck stop jewel from the comfort of your own home, via Amazon, here.

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