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This page lists and links to my newspaper articles in the religion column of my local newspaper.

The Community section of the Sidney Herald, Sidney, Montana, includes a Religion page on Sundays. The page carries a column contributed by a group of local columnists. In 2012, the contributors were coordinated by Rev. Dr. Matt Richard, then Pastor of the Sidney Lutheran Brethren Church, and now Pastor of Zion Lutheran Church (LCMS) in Gwinner, North Dakota. Pastor Richard invited me to join the group and contribute columns. Since 2013, the contributors are coordinated by Rev. Jordan Hall, Pastor of Fellowship Church of Sidney. This page provides links to my columns reproduced here. The dates below the titles are the dates of publication in the newspaper.

The Blessed Begats
June 10, 2012

Is Love a Lie?
July 21, 2012

How Well Loved Are You?
August 19, 2012

How Do Sump Pumps and Sacrifice Work?
September 16, 2012

Will We Ever Hear the End of It?
October 21, 2012

Maybe We Shouldn't Invite Them
October 28, 2012

Jesus Is the Real Nowhere Man
December 23, 2012

You'll Have To Draw Me a Picture
January 13, 2013

The Saddest Face I Ever Attempted To Paint
January 27, 2013

What's a Little Dust?
February 17, 2013

One Word in Absolute Darkness
March 10, 2013

Who Goes With You into Surgery?
May 5, 2013

Water as Thick as Blood
May 12, 2013

Who Volunteers for Humiliation?
May 26, 2013

The Silver Spoon Jesus Left in a Drawer
June 23, 2013

Combining Was Pretty Rough on Jesus
July 28, 2013

One Big Wrong Makes Us Right
August 18, 2013

Jesus Visited Doc Martin's Surgery
November 3, 2013

World-famous Humble Little Country Doctor
December 1, 2013

No CEO of Holy Spirit Incorporated
January 19, 2014

What Can an Old Cigarette Ad Show Us about Gethsemane?
April 13, 2014

You're Not Supposed To Hit a Substitute That Hard
May 18, 2014

Sitting in the Biggest Corner Ever
June 8, 2014

What Did Jesus Have To Lose?
August 10, 2014

Jesus' Senior Picture Was Not in the Newspaper
October 19, 2014

You Are Nominated for the King's Choice Award
November 16, 2014

How Jesus Fooled the World
November 30, 2014

From Empire to Execution in Four Days
January 4, 2015

Did Jesus Use the iPhone's Apple Maps?
February 15, 2015

Talking About the Black Sheep of the Family
March 8, 2015

That Can't Be Here. It's in Chicago.
April 19, 2015

FUBAR: Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition
July 26, 2015

Why He Went Out of State for Surgery
September 6, 2015

The Spruce Goose and the Bodily Resurrection of Jesus
December 6, 2015

The Way Out for General MacArthur, Jesus, and Us
May 1, 2016

Why Was Jesus Dead Only until the Third Day?
July 17, 2016

Who Are These People, Really?
September 4, 2016

Make Sure You Enjoy Being in the Field on Your Way to Resurrection
November 27, 2016

Jesus Plays No Harp. He Swings a Hammer.
December 31, 2016

Who Should Judge a Talent Competition, or Your Whole Life?
January 15, 2017

What is Jesus Doing in Retirement?
March 5, 2017

"You don't understand what you read," she said
April 30, 2017

Escaping a Prairie Fire on Burnt Out Ground
July 23, 2017

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